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June 16 – July 2 “The Country Kitchen” 

An exhibition by members of Newcastle Studio Potters Inc


Artisan produced serving ware is valued by chefs and home cooks.


The kitchen was once the family space where home cooked meals were prepared and shared. This space in our homes has now grown both in size and function. Meals are often the focal point for socialising with family and friends and the kitchen has been opened to the dining space and the outdoor entertaining area.


This exhibition is about quality handmade functional ware for use in the kitchen and for serving when entertaining. We will also display decorative pieces that brighten the entertaining space.


Plates, platters, bowls, jugs, mugs, tea pots, condiment containers, casserole dishes, pizza plates as well as trivets, tiles, vases, storage containers and caddies, candle holders, and wall plaques will be part of the exhibition.


Newcastle Studio Potters Inc is a not for profit incorporated association supporting ceramic artists. Its gallery Back to Back Galleries while presenting exhibitions in various media, focuses on traditional and contemporary ceramics.


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