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Anne Gazzard

There are a large variety of styles and finishes available to the potter, and in the years that I have been potting I have worked with many of them from time to time. The evocative smoke patterns on primitive fired pots, the lustrous and exciting Raku firings, the rough textural dry glazed surfaces and the translucency of porcelain can all be seen within my body of work.


I love working at the wheel and mastering the technicality of it. The symmetry of shape and purity of form and curve are important features of my wheel thrown pottery. There is beauty in form alone.


I am equally inspired with the slower pace of hand building, which allows ideas and concepts to be explored and developed along a variety of pathways.


The greatest influence and inspiration for my work comes from my surroundings and the beauty I see in nature and landscape.


I love the tactile nature of working with clay and wish for that quality to be present in all my work.

I would take it as the greatest compliment to my pottery if it invites touch by the beholder.